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A New Year! Kung Hee Fat Choi!

This year flew as usual! I had my exhibit at Hawaii Pacific University which was great and took off for Colorado in August for a 10 day workshop with Steven Quiller. It was a very hectic Fall and January as I was renovating my studio space so it could be painted, moving myself to a different part of my house and turning part of my old living space into a classroom space. Not a little job but with the help of my kids and grandkids, it's done!! That is except for the one room that everything I haven't found places for reside! The project began last October and I was able to teach my first watercolor class in my new space early January, Yea!! Of course I had to take a week off to run the Pastel Artists of Hawaii Workshop in November, and my Museum classes were still going October, November and part of December and I spent half of December visiting my sister and my daughter in Washington State.

Now I can steel a day a week to actually paint, create and enjoy! It's exhilarating!! Looking forward to the rest of the year of the boar! My best to all and Happy Painting......................

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