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About Helen Iaea

         Helen was born in Florida and spent her early years on the farm drawing the things she loved. She had a devastating experience in a 7th grade art class and didn't draw again untill her early thirties. Almost 10 years went by before she found a teacher that gave her
a solid foundation. She was asked to teach and that began her "career". She started in oils and soon moved on to acrilics, watercolors and pastels. She was intrigued and challenged
by watercolor and pastel the most, fell in love with both media and has never looked back!
She enjoys all subject matter, portraiture being her favorite.


Helen is an honorary life member of the Hawaii Watercolor Society having worked in their workshop program for 14 years and served as President and Vice-President. 


in 2000, her watercolor class encouraged her to teach them pastel and with their help a dream was realized. In 2001, the Pastel Artists of Hawaii, a non-profit art organiztion whose focus is to showcase and promote an awareness of soft pastel as a serious medium became a reality. They host two exhibits a year and sponsor one workshop with a nationally recognized artist annually. She is currently President and Workshop Chair.


Helen is a signature member of the Hawaii Watercolor society and the Pastel Artists of Hawaii.

​She is available for individual and group classes in watercolors and in pastel at The Honolulu Museum of Art School.


Helen's work may be seen in Pohl Gallery, Bethel Street, Chinatown, Honolulu, Hawaii

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