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Another Year Escapes!

OMG! I can't believe it's into 2018 already! Last year disappeared therefore, I'm not a year older, : {). and if you believe that........

I really need to so this more often.

Last year, I was invited to exhibit at Hawaii Pacific University May/June 2018 and here it is!!!

I went to the IAPS in Albequerque again last June and it just keeps getting better and better.

Inspirational to say the least. Can't wait for next years! I got some new paintings done toward the show for this May and taught my pastel classes at the Museum, teach a watercolor class at my studio once a week and try to paint with a group on Wednesday mornings, weather permitting and sketch at Leeward Community College on Sundays when I can.

At the end of March, they selected the paintings they wanted for my show and the reception was on May 6th. It's up and running until June 29th. If you are here, please visit their Hawaii Loa Campus (across from Pali Golf Course entrance) and enjoy. I would love to have your feedback. In August, I'm off to Colorado to meet a friend and take an intensive color workshop in watercolor. There's so much to learn, one lifetime just isn't enough!

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