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Class Descriptions



This course covers the basics of controlling the medium with warm-up exercises at the beginning followed by a painting demonstration of the days challenge. The instructor gives individual assistance and guidance as the students paint ending with a positive critique. Each group of classes will focus on an element such as composition,color, value, edges, techniques, etc. All levels are welcome, especially beginners.


Introduction to Soft Pastel

This course covers safety, application techniques, color mixing, using toned paper, cleaning the pastels, preparing the finished work for framing and proper framing of pastels.


Advanced Soft Pastel 

This course will cover making your own sanded surface, four underpainting techniques and reconstituting broken pastels. Experience with soft pastel is required!


Elements of Drawing

This course will cover learning "how to see", translating what you are looking at onto the flat surface of your paper. Learning about values will allow you to create the illusion of volume and depth.



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